Your Free Guide to a Fast Loan

OK, so you can’t go to the Bank of Mum and Dad but you still need a fast loan – what are your options? You can look on the high street or online and see there are many different types of loan on offer… Kredit Pintar pinjaman online ojk

A secured loan (sometimes called collateral loans) is where a loan company or bank can reclaim the goods if you stop (default) payments. Due to the opportunity to repossess the goods in the case of default this has been historically an easy loan route with lower interest rates. With a secured loan you make monthly payments over a fixed time, often two to five years and the goods are the security for the lender.

But, due to the present financial conditions, banks in particular have become reluctant to lend very much money to anyone. Many people consider the banks have brought all this on them selves but the impact on anyone needing a loan has been negative.

An unsecured loan are more risky for the lender who hasn’t any security other than your word that you will repay the loan. If, for example, you borrow money for a holiday (not advisable) and then default on the payments there’s nothing for the loan company to repossess. Or, a business plan could go wrong and the investment lost. Again there is nothing to be repossessed by the lender.

Due to the lender’s increased vulnerability relating to unsecured loans the amount able to be borrowed is generally less with far higher interest rates.

A credit card isn’t regarded by most people as being a loan but that’s exactly what it is and is probably one of the most commonly accessible form of fast loan. You are given a limit on spending and a minimum amount to repay each month. It’s pretty much the only fast loan that can also be free because if you pay your debt off fully each month you pay no interest. When used sensibly credit cards are an excellent source of credit. But beware, if used badly they’ll end up costing you a fortune as they can have sky high interest rates.

A Payday loan is to cover an emergency that means you need cash quickly. Maybe your car unexpectedly breaks down or the washing machine falls apart. All sorts of events can happen at any time that constitute an emergency and you need help to pay for replacements or repairs. Payday loans are for these eventualities and are an easy and fast loan to acquire. They are intended to be short term – to your next payday – and can be arranged very quickly either on the high street or online with the cash often being available within hours.